Designed With Relaxation in Mind

Check out our all-inclusive facility today

When we first designed our facility, we knew we wanted to include something for everyone. We spared no expense when we built TreeTop Wellness, a 7,500-square-foot building complete with elegant chandeliers, velvet couches and modern spa equipment.

To take advantage of our spacious facility, stop by today. After a brief wait by our soothing 8-foot-tall wall fountain, we'll take you on a tour of our spa.

You'll find luxury at every turn

TreeTop Wellness takes pride in our beautiful, functional facility. We make sure there's space for everything, including a:

Full-service relaxation spa

where we offer a variety of spa treatments

Tea bar

where you can enjoy our warm artisanal teas

Elite medical spa

where we offer wellness advice and services

Affinity Apothecary center

where you can create your own scrubs

Call (580) 612-7721 today to learn more about our facility and services. We also feature an elegant art gallery, where we hold scheduled art classes.